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    • Salto hidráulico en canal circular 

      Milán Paz, Julio (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      El problema del salto hidráulico en un conducto de sección circular ha sido tratado por Straub en canal horizontal y sin fricción, utilizando fórmulas aproximadas, y por Caric, en canal inclinado y con fricción, empleando ...
    • Salto hidráulico en canal trapezoidal 

      Milán Paz, Julián (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Una solución parcial al problema del salto hidráulico (hydraulic jump) en canal trapezoidal horizontal liso, ha sido obtenido empleando específicamente ciertas curvas (3,4,5), debido a que las ecuaciones relativas a dicho ...
    • Salto hidráulico en canal trapezoidal 

      Milán Paz, Julio (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Una solución parcial al problema del salto hidráulico (hydraulic jump) en canal trapezoidal horizontal liso, ha sido obtenido empleando específicamente ciertas curvas (3,4,5), debido a que las ecuaciones relativas a dicho ...
    • Same-sex Marriage in Terms of Rights: An Approach to the Debate in Latin America from Society Secularization 

      Botero Urquijo, Diego Alejandro (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article presents a conceptualization of same-sex marriage as the last link in marriage secularization as a social institution, which responds in turn to the process of society secularization. Accordingly, it shows how ...
    • School nutrition in the colombian public educational institutions. Analysis of the regulation and the public nutrition policy 

      López Daza, Germán Alfonso; Torres P, Katherin; Gómez García, Carlos Fernando (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article presents the results of the research titled “School Nutrition in the Colombian Public Institutions”. It was developed by the research group New Tendencies of Law from the Surcolombiana University, and funded ...
    • Second level price differentiation: case of multiclass price for trademark registry in Colombia 

      Herrera Saavedra, Juan Pablo; Cantor Vargas, Natalia; Lis Gutiérrez, Jenny Paola; Campo Robledo, Jacobo Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper shows the implementation of a second level price differentiation of industrial property price, in particular the multi-class system, this is because Colombia’s accession to Madrid’s Protocol in 2011. The methodology ...
    • Secondary distribution system planning using three-phase model 

      Londoño Posso, Julián Mauricio; Hincapié Isaza, Ricardo Alberto; Gallego Rendón, Ramón Alfonso (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper presents a methodology to solve the distribution system planning problem. In its solution a three-phase model is taking into account with different design and operational costs, including relocation and upgrading ...
    • Sectorial restructuring on Putumayo: at a “triple speed” dynamic 

      Burbano Valencia, Enrique Javier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The Colombian Department of Putumayo, during the years 2000 to 2011, had a fast sectorial res- tructuring that was fueled by the increased of the oil production, and simultaneously by a shrinking of the agricultural sector. ...
    • Secuelas de histoplasmosis pulmonar 

      Yurgaky, James M.; Arredondo, Ana María (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Radiografía de Tórax en la que se ven múltiples lesiones calcificadas distribuidas en ambos campos pulmonares con la presentación clásica en “perdigones” que corresponden a granulomas en fase de calcificación, esta apariencia ...
    • Security analysis for medical information management in telemedicine 

      Guillén Pinto, Edward Paul; Ramírez López, Leonardo Juan; Estupiñán Cuesta, Edith Paola (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Tele-medicine allows making a wide variety of medical procedures such as health screening, diagnosis procedures, and treatment supervision in a remote way by using IT resources such as computers, servers, image processing ...
    • Security Challenges for Small Island Developing States: the case of Cabo Verde 

      Madeira, João Paulo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article is an exploratory, descriptive study, with a qualitative and interdisciplinary approach. It integrates concepts and perspectives of contemporary history, international relations, and security studies. Its main ...
    • Security Concept Genesis 

      Ardila Castro, Carlos Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article aims to analyze the genesis of the concept of security, given its importance in the development of the organization of humanity and the impact it currently has for the functioning of the economic, social and ...
    • Security policy and economic growth: an empirical approach 

      Páez Pérez, Pedro Nel; Isaza Quebrada, Jorge; Zamora, Amanda (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This research uses Granger causality to test the correlation between defense spending and democratic security strategy of the first president Uribe Administration. Given the lack of a robust series of data about specific ...
    • Security Policy in Perspective 

      Torrijos Rivera, Vicente (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The new mandate of president Uribe has constituted an opportunity to carry out a revision of the impact that the adoption and the implementation of the Policy of Democratic Security has had in the dynamics and relations ...
    • Security practices in America during the post-cold war (1992-2010): regional complexes or pluralistic security communities? 

      Méndez-Coto, Marco Vinicio (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The new security regionalism in America during the post-Cold War period has failed to offer enough comparative empirical evidence in order to determine the presence of Regional Security Complexes (RSC) or Pluralistic ...
    • Security, Geopolitics, and International Threats 

      Arias Henao, Diana Patricia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Changes and opportunities of Economic Globalization, an article empirically analyzing the main elements of the current economic globalization process: commercial liberalization, the flow of direct foreign investment, and ...
    • Seismic input assessment for Tunja - Colombia 

      Molina Molina, Gladys Patricia; Alfaro Castillo, Andrés José (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper brings up three aspects of a seismic input assessment for the city of Tunja, first, a probabilistic earthquake hazard assessment, secondly, a rock design earthquake spectrum for a 475-year return. And finally a ...
    • Selected topics in engineering 

      Ballesteros, Dora Maria (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      En el vol. 29, no. 1 de la revista Ciencia e Ingeniería Neogranadina, el lector podrá encontrar artículos de investigación y revisión en Ingeniería (miscelánea), así: Ingeniería de Materiales, Química, Civil, Industrial y ...
    • Selective catalytic oxidation for methane conversión to metanol: A review 

      Cortés-Ortiz, William Giovanni; Guerrero-Fajardo, Carlos Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The oxidation of methane to methanol using a direct, economical and low energy cost is an objective pursued by the industry since its inception. Methane is the main component of natural gas, while methanol is both fuel and ...
    • Semiparametric analysis of factors associated to enterprises sustainability análisis semiparametrico de los factores asociados a la sostenibilidad de los emprendimientos 

      Reina Gutiérrez, Walther; Sepúlveda Rivillas, Claudia Inés; González Uribe, Gabriel Jaime (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article, a research product, aims to identify and analyze the factors that determine the sustainability of the enterpreneurships, evidencing the relevance of the individual and crossed effects, related to the entrepreneur, ...