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  • Special Issue in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering, and Computer Science 

    Ballesteros, Dora Maria (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    En esta edición especial de la revista Ciencia e Ingeniería Neogranadina, el lector podrá encontrar artículos de investigación y de revisión en las áreas de ingeniería eléctrica, electrónica, telecomunicaciones, y Ciencias ...
  • A Systematic Review of Deep Learning Methods Applied to Ocular Images 

    Perdomo Charry, Oscar Julian; González Osorio, Fabio Augusto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Artificial intelligence is having an important effect on different areas of medicine, and ophthalmology has not been the exception. In particular, deep learning methods have been applied successfully to the detection of ...
  • Hierarchical Clustering for Anomalous Traffic Conditions Detection in Power Substations 

    Leal Piedrahita, Erwin Alexander (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    The IEC 61850 standard has contributed significantly to the substation management and automation process by incorporating the advantages of communications networks into the operation of power substations. However, this ...
  • A Hardware Accelerator for the Inference of a Convolutional Neural network 

    González , Edwin; Villamizar Luna , Walter D.; Fajardo Ariza, Carlos Augusto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are becoming increasingly popular in deep learning applications, e.g. image classification, speech recognition, medicine, to name a few. However, the CNN inference is computationally ...
  • Special Issue in Artificial Intelligence 

    Ballesteros, Dora Maria (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary subject in science and engineering that makes it possible for machines to learn from data. Artificial Intelligence applications include prediction, recommendation, ...
  • Selected topics in engineering 

    Ballesteros, Dora Maria (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    En el vol. 29, no. 1 de la revista Ciencia e Ingeniería Neogranadina, el lector podrá encontrar artículos de investigación y revisión en Ingeniería (miscelánea), así: Ingeniería de Materiales, Química, Civil, Industrial y ...
  • Patient-Specific Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in Segments of ECG Signals using Deep Neural Networks 

    Castillo, Jeyson A.; Granados, Yenny C.; Fajardo Ariza, Carlos Augusto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia worldwide. It is associated with reduced quality of life and increases the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction. Unfortunately, many cases of AF are ...
  • A Data Fusion System for Simulation of Critical Scenarios and Decision-Making 

    Florez Zuluaga, Jimmy Anderson; Patiño Carrasco, Esteban; Ortega Pabon, Jose David; Gallego Leon, Kelly; Quintero Montoya, O. Lucia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    The decision-making (DM) process in critical environments is a complex process that can be simulated due to current telematic capabilities, which allow the real time interaction of large amounts of data. This document ...
  • Assessment of Image-Texture Improvement Applied to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery for the Identification of Biotic Stress in Espeletia. Case Study: Moorlands of Chingaza (Colombia) 

    Martin, Laura Daniela; Medina, Javier; Upegui, Erika (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Espeletia is one of the most representative endemic species of moorland ecosystems, and is currently being affected by biotic stress. Meanwhile, the analysis of images obtained by means of unmanned aerial vehicle imagery ...
  • Multitemporal analysis of the flow of sediments using MODIS MYD09 and MOD09 images 

    Carrillo Duran, Ivan Dario; Medina Daza, Ruben Javier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    In this article, we show the development of an empirical model applied to the MODIS MYD09 and MOD09 images based on in-situ samples of total suspended solids (TSS) taken in the waters of the Gulf of Urabá (Colombia) between ...
  • Impact of InterChannel Interference in gridless nyquist-wdm systems with and without nonlinear impairments compensation 

    Granada Torres, Jhon James; López Martínez, Juan Pablo; Avendaño Fernandez, Eduardo; Cárdenas Soto, Ana María; Guerrero González, Neil (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    This paper presents a characterization of interchannel interference (ici) effects in gridless Nyquist-wdm systems due to two contributions, namely, overlapping among optical carriers and stimulation of nonlinear optical ...
  • Stakeholders Identification in a Disaster Through Twitter: Study Case SINABUNG 2018 

    Martínez Quezada, Daniel Orlando; Ortiz Sierra, Robinson; Martínez Cano, Juan Guillermo; Lamos Díaz, Henry (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Twitter has become an important tool for knowing in real time what happens in the political, social and economic world. This platform is increasingly attractive as a communication method, which can be used in logistic and ...
  • Design of a flattening filter using Fiber Bragg Gratings for EDFA gain equalization: an artificial neural network application 

    Montoya Alba, David; Cagua Herrera, Jhonatan; Puerto Leguizamon, Gustavo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    This paper presents a proposal for the non-uniform gain compensation of an Erbium-doped fiber optic amplifier (edfa) in a Wavelength Division Multiplexed (wdm) system using Fiber Bragg Gratings (fbg). In this proposal, the ...
  • Artificial Neural Model based on radial basis function networks used for prediction of compressive strength of fiber-reinforced concrete mixes 

    Gonzalez Salcedo, Luis Octavio; Guerrero Zúñiga, Aydee Patricia; Delvasto Arjona, Silvio; Will, Adrián Luis Ernesto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    A complex nonlinear relationship exists between the factors influence the compressive design strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete. This relation between input variables, the factors, and the output variable as it ...
  • Complementarity of energy resources for the electrical generation: a review 

    Aldana Urrea, Angélica Vanessa; Rodríguez Patarroyo, Diego Julián (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Given the needs to increase the rates of electricity coverage, to generate measures to adapt the Climate Change and to diversify the Matrix Energy in the countries, there have been developed a lot of studies to establish ...
  • GUI3DXBot: An Interactive Software Tool for a Tour-Guide Mobile Robot 

    Muñoz Peña, Kevin; Bacca Cortes, Bladimir (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    Nowadays, mobile robots begin to appear in public places. To do these tasks properly, mobile robots must interact with humans. This paper presents the development of GUI3DXBot, a software tool for a tour-guide mobile robot. ...
  • Characterization, Processability, and Technical Viability of Natural Rubber Cup Lumps 

    Cardona Vásquez, Natalia; Giraldo Vásquez, Diego Hernán; Velásquez Restrepo, Sandra Milena (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    This study compares the physicochemical and spectroscopic characteristics, resistance tothermooxidation, and processability of natural rubber cup lumps of clones IAN 873 and FX 3864 withthose of technically specifed grade ...
  • Numerical simulation of an acoustic tube 

    Ruiz Vera, Jorge Mauricio; Vásquez Martínez, Leonardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    In this work, we introduce a staggered finite difference method to analyze and simulate the generation and behavior of sound waves inside a tube. We describe a special numerical treatment on the boundary conditions which ...
  • Use of energy storage systems in the optimal operation of distribution networks 

    Valencia Diaz, Alejandro; Gallego Rendón, Ramón Alfonso; Hincapié Isaza, Ricardo Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    This paper proposes a methodology for the purchase and sale of energy which consider energy storage elements in the operation of distribution systems and whose objective is to improve the utilities of the network operator ...
  • Cases Applied to Root Cause Analysis: A Review 

    Castro Castro, Jose David; Cendales Ladino, Edwin Darío (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
    This paper provides a literary review on implementing root cause analysis (RCA) to address several mechanical problems in various production industries. First, we briefly contextualize the defnition of RCA, list the proper ...

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