• Analysis of variables and indicators for measuring e-government published in scientific literature 

      Pacheco Redondo, Dayanis Esther; Galvis Lista, Ernesto Amaru; González-Zabala, Mayda Patricia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The development of e-government has been promoted as a strategy to improve: the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration, facilitate the conduct of proceedings, saving time and money, increase transparency, ...
    • Location and sizing of distributed generation: A review 

      Grisales Noreña, Luis Fernando; Restrepo Cuestas, Bonie Johana; Jaramillo Ramirez, Fredy Esteban (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Distributed generation (DG) is presented as a support to supply the demand of the system in a localized way, also allowing small-scale generation with renewable energy sources. As a main contribution, this document presents ...
    • Landfill leachate treatment by batch supercritical water oxidation 

      Marulanda Cardona, Victor Fernando; Marulanda Buitrago, Paola Andrea; Alvarado Acosta, Didier Haid (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Landfill leachate treatment has been the focus of a great deal of research through different physicochemical and biological methods. However, no single method successfully addresses the required destruction efficiencies ...
    • Evaluation of a heterogeneous photocatalysis and pasteurization system for rainwater disinfection 

      Quintero Agudelo, Angie Catherin; Vargas Terranova, Camilo Andrés; Sanabria Alcantar, Juan Pablo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Heterogeneous photocatalysis and pasteurization for water disinfection, are presented as an alternative to potential implementation and operation, because they seek the use of radiation and temperature making it suitable ...
    • Anchors post-installed in high strength concrete 

      Ruda Arias, Yuber Mauricio; Paez Moreno, Diego Fernando (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Nowadays the great constructions of Colombia and the world, especially road infrastructure, have encouraged the use of high-strength concrete. The use of post-installed anchors has also grown simultaneously in all concrete ...
    • Methodology for analysis of vulnerability for flood hazards, mass movements and watershed torrent flow 

      Vera Rodíguez, Jorge Mario; Albarracin Calderón, Adriana Paola (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Risk management is a fundamental component of the distribution of watersheds and, in general, for the integral administration of the territory. However, risk management exercises have been hegemonized from the partial ...
    • Validation of acoustic vibes signals to diagnosis failure on synchronous generator bearings 

      Medrano Hurtado, Zulma Yadira; Pérez Tello, Carlos (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper describes the procedure and tools used in the measurement and diagnosis of vibration signals captured by acceleration transducers (piezoelectric accelerometers) and acoustic (omnidirectional microphones). Also, ...
    • Generating Biodiesel Using Fats Extracted from Coffee Grounds: Esterifcation using H2SO4 and Transesterifcation using KOH 

      Aiello Mazzarri, Cateryna; Salazar, Yenmilet; Urribarrí, Aidin; Arenas Dávila, Elsy; Sánchez Fuentes, John; Ysambertt, Fredy (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Finding adequate non-food sources is one of the main challenges while producing biofuels. Particularly for biodiesel, research is focused on using unconventional crops, residues, and wastewith high fat and oil contents. ...
    • Cases Applied to Root Cause Analysis: A Review 

      Castro Castro, Jose David; Cendales Ladino, Edwin Darío (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper provides a literary review on implementing root cause analysis (RCA) to address several mechanical problems in various production industries. First, we briefly contextualize the defnition of RCA, list the proper ...
    • Assessment of Video Streaming Service based on the FDASH algorithm over LTE 

      Campo, Wilmar Yesid; Escobar Zapata, Andrés Felipe; Imbachi Paz, Juan Carlos (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Video Streaming is the service that generates the highest percentage of data trafc inlong-term evolution (LTE) mobile networks. Additionally, most video transmissions over LTE networksuse the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming ...
    • Comparing Push and Pull Manufacturing Systems via Simulation 

      Jiménez García, Francy Nelly; Vargas Sánchez, Jhon Jairo; Toro Galvis, Juana María; Rodríguez García, Yeydi Alejandra (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper reveals the results using simulations in manufacturing processes to foster decision-making processes in companies aimed at facing changing production models. This paper aimsto present a simulation methodology ...
    • Using Secondary Lead Smelter Slag in Ceramic Bricks 

      Santacruz Torres, Jessica; Torres Agredo, Janneth (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Secondary lead slag is a waste product obtained from the smelting of used lead battery,and it becomes a major air, soil, and water pollutant when not properly stabilized. Thus, this studyassesses the technical feasibility ...
    • Soil Temperature Models via Surface Temperature Surveys and Remote Sensors for the Geothermal Area of the Azufral Volcano 

      Matiz León, Jhon Camilo; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Gilbert Fabian; Alfaro Valero, Claudia María (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Heat distribution estimates at the surface and shallow depths (20 cm, 100 cm, and 150cm) obtained through surface temperature surveys (STSs) in the geothermal area of the Azufral volcano found anomalies ranging between 6 ...
    • Correlation between CBR and Resistance to Unconfned Compression 

      Sandoval Vallejo, Eimar Andres; Rivera Mena, William Albeiro (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The thickness and layer properties of a pavement structure are highly determined by subgrade stiffness. However, in some cases, performing direct stiffness tests is impossible, at least forthe required frequency, which ...
    • Characterization, Processability, and Technical Viability of Natural Rubber Cup Lumps 

      Cardona Vásquez, Natalia; Giraldo Vásquez, Diego Hernán; Velásquez Restrepo, Sandra Milena (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This study compares the physicochemical and spectroscopic characteristics, resistance tothermooxidation, and processability of natural rubber cup lumps of clones IAN 873 and FX 3864 withthose of technically specifed grade ...
    • Foamed Bitumen Characterization Techniques 

      Campagnoli, Sandra Ximena; Estupiñan Escalante, Enrique; Soto Vargas, Javier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In soil stabilization and pavement recycling, the expansion ratio and half-life parametershave been considered to defne foamed bitumen quality relatively well. However, when applyingfoamed bitumen technology in the production ...
    • Effects of hydraulic stimulation (fracking) on water resources: implications in the colombian context 

      Charry-Ocampo, Sharel Alexa; Perez, Anibal Jose (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The contribution of shale gas extraction to energy sustainability has been evaluated independently regardless of its relation with water security and its impacts on water sources. For this reason, in the present investigation, ...
    • Selective catalytic oxidation for methane conversión to metanol: A review 

      Cortés-Ortiz, William Giovanni; Guerrero-Fajardo, Carlos Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The oxidation of methane to methanol using a direct, economical and low energy cost is an objective pursued by the industry since its inception. Methane is the main component of natural gas, while methanol is both fuel and ...
    • Cell Averaging CFAR Detector with Scale Factor Correction through the Method of Moments for the Log-Normal Distribution 

      Machado Fernández, José Raúl; Bacallao Vidal, Jesús de la Concepción (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The new LN-MoM-CA-CFAR detector is introduced, exhibiting a reduced deviation of the operational false alarm probability from the value conceived in the design. The solution solves a fundamental problem of CFAR processors ...
    • Effect of the concentration of iron in the properties of Nb2O5 with posible photocatalitic application 

      Murillo Ruíz, Edwin Alberto; Raba Páez, Angela Mercedes; Rincón Joya, Miryam (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      At present, it is searching to develop low gap band energy compounds to be applied in photocatalysis. Niobium pentoxide was doped with iron in order to establish the relationship between its structural, morphological and ...