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    • Identifying parameters of a curve model number and monthly uncertainty at Bogotá upper basin 

      Corredor Rivera, Jorge Luis; Peñaranda Vélez, Víctor Manuel (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Hydro-meteorological studies involve large data volumes that may have disruptions related to length of their record periods, wrong data, inconsistent data, or data transcription errors to be included in databases. Likewise ...
    • Alternatives to strengthen valuation of recyclable material at solid-waste management plants in small towns 

      Victoria Calambas, Fanor Alirio; Marmolejo Rebellón, Luís Fernando; Torres Lozada, Patricia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Colombian solid-waste management plants –SWMP– have been increasingly included in solidwaste management of specific small towns. However, although they are environmentally desirable their profitability has been questioned. ...
    • VC and NBC coatings produced by TRD-An environmentally clean, inexpensive and effective technology 

      Castillejo Nieto, Fabio Enrique; Olaya Flórez, Jhon Jairo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper offers basics of thermo-reactive deposition/diffusion process (trd), a technique that may produce inexpensive and non-invasive or aggressive hard coatings to the environment. We proposed an experimental methodology ...
    • Mechanical & physical properties of solid, masonry ceramic bricks 

      Afanador García, Nelson; Guerrero Gómez, Gustavo; Monroy Sepúlveda, Richard (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper results of evaluating mechanical properties of hand-made, ceramic solid bricks in Ocaña town, after applying physical characterization tests of clay used as a raw material for subsequent non-destructive & ...
    • An approach to autonomous navigation of a mobile platform using a stereoscopic vision 

      Riveros Guevara, Adriana; Salas López, Cindy Natalia; Solaque Guzmán, Leonardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      An artificial vision tries to capture relevant information from environment using cameras as sensors of certain characteristics (shapes, colors, textures, etc.) for a proper functioning of some mechanisms. In order to get ...
    • An image ammunition texture recognition-a contribution to an automatic weapon identification 

      Méndez García, Jeison; Rivera Piedrahita, Jorge Hernando; Soto Mejía, José Adalberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Due to a contact between the barrel and projectile as a firearm triggered, markings are printed on surface of a projectile. These marks are typical of each firearm and may be interpreted as a ‘firearm fingerprint.’ Typically, ...
    • A Backstepping control for Scara robot based on parametric uncertainty 

      Mosquera Leyton, Víctor Hugo; Vivas Albán, Óscar Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      One of the typical problems of model-based control strategies is impact on control system performance due to non-modeled dynamics, parametric uncertainty and dynamic coupling. This paper offers a control strategy under a ...
    • Security analysis for medical information management in telemedicine 

      Guillén Pinto, Edward Paul; Ramírez López, Leonardo Juan; Estupiñán Cuesta, Edith Paola (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Tele-medicine allows making a wide variety of medical procedures such as health screening, diagnosis procedures, and treatment supervision in a remote way by using IT resources such as computers, servers, image processing ...
    • Biodegradability of different fractions of wastewater produced in a tannery 

      Pire Sierra, María Carolina; Rodríguez Sargent, Karen; Fuenmayor Reyes, Mary; Fuenmayor, Yubislays; Acevedo, Hervis; Carrasquero Ferrer, Sedolfo; Díaz Montiel, Altamira (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Tannery wastewater is composed by organic components with different biodegradability levels, so it is important to know its biodegradable and inert contents to select the most appropriate treatments. The organic matter ...
    • Binary mixtures of ionic liquid with molecular solvent: Prediction of excess molar volumes from refractive index 

      Martínez Reina, Marlon Doney; Amado González, Eliseo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The excess molar volumes of 30 binary mixtures containing ionic liquids of imidazolium with different molecular solvents: (methanol, ethanol, propan-1-ol, propan-2-ol, acetone, 2- butanone, 2-pentanone, methyl acetate, ...
    • Educational video games: theories and proposals for group learning 

      Padilla Zea, Natalia; Collazos Ordoñez, César; Gutiérrez Vela, Francisco Luís; Medina Medina, Nuria (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper presents the usage of multiplayer video games introducing collaborative activities as an educational tool in line with the digital age we are currently living as well as the basis underpinning this proposal. ...
    • Interactive environment for tourist sites, implementing augmented reality LAYAR 

      Callejas Cuervo, Mauro; Quiroga Salamanca, Juan Guillermo; Alarcón Aldana, Andrea Catherine (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This research presents the development of an application that integrates mobile technologies, augmented reality and the tourism industry in a specific geographical location. This because tourism is one of the unexplored ...
    • ISA S88 modeling procedure for execution of production order based on recipes 

      Serna Quilindo, Werner Yamid; Vergara González, Diana Cecilia; Flórez Marulanda, Juan Fernando (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper proposes and develops a systematic procedure for carrying out the modeling of the ISA S88 for execution of production orders based on recipes, applied to a case study. This procedure provides guidelines for the ...
    • Secondary distribution system planning using three-phase model 

      Londoño Posso, Julián Mauricio; Hincapié Isaza, Ricardo Alberto; Gallego Rendón, Ramón Alfonso (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper presents a methodology to solve the distribution system planning problem. In its solution a three-phase model is taking into account with different design and operational costs, including relocation and upgrading ...
    • A link between an autonomous devicenet scanner and software via MODBUS/TCP. 

      Barandica López, Asfur; León Castro, Edwin Andrés; Bravo Ruano, Erik Javier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Industrial automation networks recently have boomed, including DeviceNet as one of the most popular protocols. In a DeviceNet network, slave devices usually sensors and actuators are identified, and at least a scanner in ...
    • Assessment by soil pollution bordering burial grounds Jardines del Recuerdo and Inmaculada 

      Velasco Rivera, Aurora; Minota Zea, Yudy Marlevis (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Burial grounds are disposal sites for human bodies and a source of pollution due to leachate generated by decomposition of corpses. That material contains hazardous substances, such as putrescine and cadaverine, pathogens, ...
    • A run-off treatment by made wetlands-a review 

      Peña Guzmán, Carlos Andrés; Lara Borrero, Jaime (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The pollutant concentration of rainwater is a critical issue for government agencies since impairs the water quality at receiving sources. Some countries have begun research and developed systemsfor treatment of those ...
    • An organic load influence upon 3-stage RBC reactors performance to treat a synthetic effluent 

      Behling de Calmón, Elisabeth; Marín Leal, Julio César; Chirinos, Ana; Rincón Lizardo, Nancy; Colina Andrade, Gilberto; Mesa, Johan (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper deals with the organic load rate (OLR) influence upon removal efficiency of aerobic rotating biological contactor (RBC), i.e. 3-stage reactors by treatment of an industrial synthetic effluent in order to establish ...
    • A path planning algorithm for mobile robots using potential fields and swarms of active Brownian particles 

      Espitia Cuchango, Helbert Eduardo; Sofrony Esmeral, Jorge Iván (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper offers a proposal of an algorithm for path planning based on a model of active Brownian particles. There are several methods for trajectory planning in mobile robotics, and the most known is based on artificial ...
    • Evaluation and parameters regulation in equipment designed for decrease of Chromium(VI), coming from galvanic coatings industry. 

      Acosta Niño, Gema Eunice; Bourdón García, Alejandro; Coy Barrera, Carlos Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In order to generate the necessary tools to carry out the testing removal of chromium(VI) in wastewater from the galvanic industry, the data gathering is performed from a first prototype of equipment for this purpose. Once ...