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    • Structural health monitoring: an intelligent agent approach 

      Quintero Parra, Andrés Felipe; Villamizar Mejía, Rodolfo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article presents a review of the state-of-the-art on damage detection and damage location techniques commonly used for Structural Health Monitoring and some of the electronic systems used for it. On another hand, a ...
    • MIDDIS: A reference architecture for SOA-and-IMS based services interaction 

      Velasco Melo, Ximena; Caicedo Rendón, Óscar Mauricio (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The current trend in telecommunications is oriented to a search of a convergence of fixed and mobile networks, and therefore networks designed would be more complex. Also there are new challenges in the service networking ...
    • Kinetic model of hydrolysis of sugarcane waste 

      Aguilar Rivera, Noé (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Sugarcane waste (straw, leaves and tops) is a cheaper-and-renewable bio-resource. The goal of this study was to analyze the production of fermentable sugars AFT from sugarcane waste. The hydrolysis process was carried out ...
    • Proposal of a neuro-DBR system and its application to the prediction of Lorenz time series 

      Morales Laguado, Lina; Espitia Cuchango, Helbert; Soriano Méndez, José (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper proposes the Lorenz time series prediction using a new method known as neural-DBR system and comparing this with a typical fuzzy-neural design. The neuralDBR technique is a union of neural networks and the ...
    • Some optimization logistics models for transportation of fresh palm oil bunches, Colombia 

      Adarme Jaimes, Wilson; Fontanilla Díaz, Carlos; Arango Serna, Martín Darío (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The optimization transportation models in the oil palm industry aim to reduce costs by logistics operations related to vehicle allocation during collection and transportation phases of fresh fruit bunches (FFB). Here we ...
    • Structural and morphological analysis of aluminum nitride films of obtained by pulsed laser deposition 

      Pérez Taborda, Jaime Andrés; Riascos Landázuri, Henry; Jiménez García, Francy Nelly; Caicedo Angulo, Julio César (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper gives the preliminary results about aluminum nitride (AlN) nanoestructured films deposited by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique, by using laser Nd:YAG (λ=1064), which hit a target of high purity aluminum ...
    • Thinklet: Key element in the collaborative methods generation for evaluate software usability 

      Solano Alegría, Andrés; Méndez Alegría, Yenny; Collazos Ordóñez, César (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Currently, usability is a critical attribute to success of software. The competition among organizations forces to improve the level of product usability due to the risk of losing customers if product would not be easy to ...
    • Experimental rocketry missions: The seneca mission, Ainkaa 1 rocket 

      Urrego Peña, José Alejandro; Rojas Mora, Fabio Arturo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper outlines the methodology and results while conducting a systematic research work related with the implementation of experimental rocketry missions. In this process, data and results were obtained to support ...
    • A solution to a general system of Euler equations for a compressible fluid 

      Gómez Plata, Adrian Ricardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper reveals the existence of solutions to a general Euler system without source for a compressible fluid. The method used to solve the system is not the common invariant regions found in literature. In parallel, we ...
    • Green chemistry: A new challenge 

      Pájaro Castro, Nerlis Paola; Olivero Verbel, Jesús Tadeo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Currently there is a significant environmental degradation that has generated the need to search for alternatives leading to environmental sustainability. One of these tools is "green chemistry", a concept that involves ...
    • A bayesian networks structure learning: A scoring and search based approach 

      Cardozo Ojeda, Erwing Fabián; Arguello Fuentes, Henry (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      One of the most recent knowledge representations under uncertainty are Bayesian Networks whose main captivation is the property to obtain such a representation from a large amount of data. The issue is that getting a network ...
    • Capacity indicators applied to the drop in the colombian universities 

      Mosquera Artamónov, José Daniel; Mosquera Mosquera, Julio César; Artamónova, Irina (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In this paper, a proposal to implement Process Capability Indices as a tool to measure the effectiveness of a social process is presented. These indices are widely used in consumer products industry, but it is not clear ...
    • Designing a learning objects recommendation system for repositories based on user's perception: The Rodas case. 

      Caro Piñeres, Manuel Fernando; Hernández, Jaime; Jiménez Builes, Jovani Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper describes a Learning Objects (LO) Recommendation System (RS) for repositories. The system is based on collaborative filtering using an adaptation of k-neighboring algorithm which is supported on user´s perception ...
    • The effect of agglutinant concentration and type on coal-powder thermal conductivity 

      Bautista Ruiz, Jorge Hernando; Peña Rodríguez, Gabriel; Aperador Chaparro, William (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper reports a thermal conductivity (k) given an environment temperature of thermal coal powder as a function of agglutinant concentration and type –i.e. water, alcohol, diesel– which changed their weight percentage ...
    • Information technologies to bring closer citizens to justice services in Colombia: The case of the map of offer of justice services 

      Galvis Lista, Ernesto Amaru; González Zabala, Mayda Patricia; Vera Salazar, Pablo Hernán (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The purpose of this paper is to present the results of a technological development project which consist in building a web platform to support management and divulgation of information about the offer of justice services ...
    • Application of the corine land cover methodology to determine the environ changes in the natural park Los Flamencos 

      Corredor Gil, Luisa Patricia; Cárdenas Quiroga, Elsa Adriana; Ordóñez López, Julio César (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The functionality of the natural systems depends on the resulting balance from the proper interaction between its biological and non-biological components. In the particular case of the Los Flamencos flora and fauna ...
    • Dimentional optimization of a Delta parallel robot based on a lower energy consumption 

      Peña Cortés, César Augusto; Martínez Oviedo, Edison; Cárdenas Herrera, Pedro Fabián (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper presents an optimal dimension estimation of a Delta parallel robot based on a lower energy consumption. It also presents the description of the experimental platform, kinematic and dynamic analysis. The optimization ...
    • An acoustic thermography as an additional support to infrared thermography 

      Reyna Regnoult, Rodney Ernesto; González, Carlos Eduardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      A contrast in thermography is related to variations in temperature and emissions of surfaces analyzed. Typically, the interest focuses on temperature profiles, but they may be partly biased by the emissivity effect. ...
    • Exploring artificial neural networks to estimate compressive strength of steel fiber-reinforced concrete 

      González Salcedo, Luis Octavio; Guerrero Zúñiga, Aydée Patricia; Delvasto Arjona, Silvio; Ernesto Will, Adrián Luis (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      By designing and building concrete structures, the compressive strength achieved at 28-day curing typically represents the stability control specification of any work. Furthermore, reinforcing fibers into the cement based ...
    • A comparative analysis of cement pastes adding a fluid catalytic cracking residue(FCC) and metakaolin (MK). 

      Torres Agredo, Janneth; Izquierdo García, Silvia; Trochez Serna, Jenny; Mejía de Gutiérrez, Ruby (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper is part of a research project where the performance as addition to the Portland cement of a residue from an oil company is assessed in order to establish viability of building materials. This waste –called Fluid ...