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    • 3D tools for modeling virtual scenarios based on logo: State of the art 

      Santamaría Granados, Luz; Mendoza Moreno, Juan Francisco (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article reviews the tried pedagogical focus of LOGO (Papert, 2003), which alsooffers interesting motivational strategies for children in areas, such as a spatial skills development from their own exploration of virtual ...
    • A Backstepping control for Scara robot based on parametric uncertainty 

      Mosquera Leyton, Víctor Hugo; Vivas Albán, Óscar Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      One of the typical problems of model-based control strategies is impact on control system performance due to non-modeled dynamics, parametric uncertainty and dynamic coupling. This paper offers a control strategy under a ...
    • A bayesian networks structure learning: A scoring and search based approach 

      Cardozo Ojeda, Erwing Fabián; Arguello Fuentes, Henry (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      One of the most recent knowledge representations under uncertainty are Bayesian Networks whose main captivation is the property to obtain such a representation from a large amount of data. The issue is that getting a network ...
    • A calculation of cutoff frequency to step-index optical fibers using Matlab 

      Bastidas Mora, Henry Arturo; Barahona Varela, Fabián (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The math analysis of propagation modes and other relevant operating parameters to waveguides and optical fibers can be found by solving the four equations of Maxwell, and also meeting effectively boundary conditions analyzed ...
    • A comparative analysis of cement pastes adding a fluid catalytic cracking residue(FCC) and metakaolin (MK). 

      Torres Agredo, Janneth; Izquierdo García, Silvia; Trochez Serna, Jenny; Mejía de Gutiérrez, Ruby (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper is part of a research project where the performance as addition to the Portland cement of a residue from an oil company is assessed in order to establish viability of building materials. This waste –called Fluid ...
    • A Data Fusion System for Simulation of Critical Scenarios and Decision-Making 

      Florez Zuluaga, Jimmy Anderson; Patiño Carrasco, Esteban; Ortega Pabon, Jose David; Gallego Leon, Kelly; Quintero Montoya, O. Lucia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The decision-making (DM) process in critical environments is a complex process that can be simulated due to current telematic capabilities, which allow the real time interaction of large amounts of data. This document ...
    • A dressmaking factory production process analysis: Modeling and simulation 

      Sánchez, Paola A.; Ceballos, Fernando; Sánchez Torres, Germán (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Modeling and simulation of small industrial systems, has become important in the decision-making processes, because it allows small companies to make their production decisions. This article analyses a company engaged in ...
    • A Hardware Accelerator for the Inference of a Convolutional Neural network 

      González , Edwin; Villamizar Luna , Walter D.; Fajardo Ariza, Carlos Augusto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are becoming increasingly popular in deep learning applications, e.g. image classification, speech recognition, medicine, to name a few. However, the CNN inference is computationally ...
    • A link between an autonomous devicenet scanner and software via MODBUS/TCP. 

      Barandica López, Asfur; León Castro, Edwin Andrés; Bravo Ruano, Erik Javier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Industrial automation networks recently have boomed, including DeviceNet as one of the most popular protocols. In a DeviceNet network, slave devices usually sensors and actuators are identified, and at least a scanner in ...
    • A methodological proposal to develop structured based programs using paradigm 

      Trejos Buriticá, Omar Iván (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article is a product of a research Project developed in the Computer Programming area and its relation with learning process included in it. You can find a methodology for developing programs based on structured ...
    • A model based on factors and rules to quantify the affinity among the individuals of a human group 

      Calvache, Juan Felipe; Pérez, Sergio Andrés; Moreno, Francisco Javier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In this paper we propose a model to quantify the degree of affinity among the individuals of a human group. To obtain the degree of affinity, our model considers a set of factors and a set of rules (for each factor) which ...
    • A model for a disrupted mass movement process simulation. A comparison against the infinite slope method 

      Trujillo Vela, Mario Germán; Ramos Cañón, Alfonso Mariano (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      As an option against typical methods for slope stability analysis, this paper implements a procedure to model material flows from continuum mechanics (Eulerian approach), proposed by Iverson and Denlinger [1]. This methodology ...
    • A multimedial tool to study the ear anatomy from virtual models 

      Pérez Gutiérrez, Byron Alfonso; Uribe Quevedo, Alvaro Joffre (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper brings up a defined and applied methodology for developing a multimedia web-based and 3D image tool. This to supplement the human ear anatomy learning process by using virtual objects in order to enhance the ...
    • A network design for reverse logistics: A review and a practical application 

      Flórez Calderón, Luz Ángela; Toro Ocampo, Eliana Mirledy; Granada Echeverry, Mauricio (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper offers a review of several math programming models and resolution techniques applied to solve design issues of reverse logistic networks, which describes the key contributions and compares several approaches, ...
    • A path planning algorithm for mobile robots using potential fields and swarms of active Brownian particles 

      Espitia Cuchango, Helbert Eduardo; Sofrony Esmeral, Jorge Iván (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper offers a proposal of an algorithm for path planning based on a model of active Brownian particles. There are several methods for trajectory planning in mobile robotics, and the most known is based on artificial ...
    • A performance comparison between oracle and mongodb 

      Moreno Arboleda, Francisco Javier; Quintero Rendón, Juan Esteban; Rueda Vásquez, Robinson (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The growing and huge amount of data, of the order of exabytes, generated by current enterprise applications have originated massive datasets. Non-relational database management systems (DBMS) have emerged as an alternative ...
    • A proposed solution to the problem of interference between Wireless networks by overlapping channels. 

      Guevara C., Roberto Carlos; Serna M., Édgar (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The widespread use of WiFi networks in different social settings is generating a sort of channel saturation, at the same time it causes interference among these networks. This situation generates channels overlap, making ...
    • A run-off treatment by made wetlands-a review 

      Peña Guzmán, Carlos Andrés; Lara Borrero, Jaime (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The pollutant concentration of rainwater is a critical issue for government agencies since impairs the water quality at receiving sources. Some countries have begun research and developed systemsfor treatment of those ...
    • A simulation of pyroclastic flows at Cerro Machin volcano using ArcGIS(C) tools. 

      Cárdenas Quiroga, Elsa Adriana; Pulido Valero, Andrea Isabel (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Cerro Machin is an active volcano, marked out formerly by explosive Plinian eruptions and located in a critical trade and industry area. Since nineties several simulation models have been developed to establish an area ...
    • A solution to a general system of Euler equations for a compressible fluid 

      Gómez Plata, Adrian Ricardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper reveals the existence of solutions to a general Euler system without source for a compressible fluid. The method used to solve the system is not the common invariant regions found in literature. In parallel, we ...