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Title: Impacto del estilo de liderazgo en la cultura organizacional y en el éxito de una mipyme
Title in english: Leadership style and its impact on corporative culture and succes of a sme
Author: Cárdenas Rodríguez, Iván Dário
Date: 27-Apr-2017
Site: Campus UMNG
Abstract: Este documento presenta una conceptualización de los términos liderazgo, cultura organizacional y Mipyme que serán desarrollados a la vez que analizará la relación entre ellos. La cultura organizacional como piedra angular de la organización está influenciada por el estilo de liderazgo. Así las cosas, el documento abordará diferentes estilos de liderazgo y explicará el modo en que cada uno incide en la cultura organizacional con el objetivo de demostrar como dicho estilo afecta positiva o negativamente la cultura de trabajo de una empresa y por ende en su éxito o fracaso.
Abstract: Leadership is a universal concept and yet its definition varies relatively depending on the country or region, just as it is assumed that there will always be leaders and others that despite the fact they direct the actions of a group, the don´t lead. This document presents a conceptualization and analysis of the main concepts of Leadership, Corporative Culture and Micro and Small Companies and the relationship between. It is pertinent to mention that this culture has an element that contributes to the organization maturing successfully or leading it to bankruptcy, which is influenced by the applied leadership style on it, and which has become evident that there is no single And accurate formula for success, on the other hand it can be said that the absence of direction or lack of judgment in style are a combination to ensure failure.
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