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    • Progress and prospects for the right of return of cultural property to its countries of origin the case of cultural heritage 

      Rengifo Lozano, Antonio José (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The debate on the restitution of cultural heritage, as a form of vindication Copart of countries of origin, has been increasing in the international arena and in public law, in favor of the constitutional process of culture ...
    • Background and overview of current arbitration 

      Villalba Cuellar, Juan Carlos; Moscoso Valderrama, Rodrigo Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Arbitration is the oldest settlement in the history of mankind. Today represents an alternative emotional compared to late payment of state judges and has great benefits in the field of commercial law and international ...
    • Economic, tax and treasury policies in nueva granada 

      Blanco Blanco, Jacqueline (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      During the government of General Francisco de Paula Santander, Nueva Granada commits itself to an important national economic development effort, linked to a liberal regime that explicitly sought the expansion of the ...
    • Contracts by electronic means. Procedural and substantive aspects 

      Villalba Cuellar, Juan Carlos (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The emergence of new information technologies and communication raises many concerns in the field of law. Recruitment through mass media led to some rethinking of the classic tenets of private contract law. But time has ...
    • Assessment of public service of venezuelan social security: 5 years of its creation 

      Mora Bastidas, Freddy Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      With this investigation we have evaluated the social security service Venezuelan 5 years of its creation. It can be said that the Constitution of 1999 created the Public Service and Social Security guarantees the right to ...
    • Energy security and biofuel. A look at its implications 

      Gómez Patiño, Dilia Paola (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article is an approach to the debate on biofuels, which involves various corners of observation: the political, economic and environmental design, about energy security. Thus, part of the definition of energy security, ...
    • Professor Fernando Soto Aparicio 

      Olano García, Hernán Alejandro (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The author reviews the main aspects of sixty years of life and work as a writer of Professor Fernando Soto Aparicio. Thirty novels describe, for example, the drama of peasants forced by fate and fear of starvation, to mine ...
    • Access to Justice: A Broad-Spectrum Legal Institution 

      Ramirez Torrado, María Lourdes; Illera Santos, Maria De Jesús (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article intends to analyze access to justice as an institution that enjoys many and diverse readings that make its definition complex in terms of its actual scope, guarantees and limitations. This is because it is an ...
    • The riot or malón of the chief Agustin Curiñancu under the light of a 1765 memo 

      Palma G, Eric Eduardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The attempt to slash Chilean Indians to towns and the warlike action of Lonko Curińancu (1766) as an answer to that policy are analyzed in this paper. This article provides new antecedents to the Malón comprehension by ...
    • Psychosocial labor risks. An organizational, legal and social perspective 

      Camacho Ramírez, Adriana; Mayorga, Daniela Rocío (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Given the negative consequences over the productivity, organization climate, health, and interpersonal relations between co-workers, companies are more willing to identify the causes in order to prevent and control them. ...
    • Court Supremacy: Constitutional Review of Living Law in Colombia 

      Cruz Rodríguez, Michael (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The article argues that the Constitutional Court has used the provision/regulation distinction by strategically exerting control over the jurisprudence of high courts in order to recognize its functional superiority as ...
    • The indigenous women and their right for political participation in mexico 

      On´Etambalako Wetshoko, Jean Cadet Odimba (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Different cultures and subcultures can and should coexist. The task of the state is to preserve them. In this regard, in Mexico, one of the topics that is mostly addressed is the political par- ticipation of indigenous ...
    • Más togas y menos sables: ampliación de competencias de los jueces civiles en la justicia militar brasilera Y el principio del juez natural 

      Castro Silva, Susi (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      La justicia militar brasileña viene siendo criticada a lo largo del siglo XX, ya sea por ser un juicio de excepción o por constituir un privilegio de clase. En el centro de ambas críticas se encuentra el hecho de que los ...
    • El reinado de los rankings 

      Villalba Cuéllar, Juan Carlos; González Serrano, Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Hoy en día la medición de la calidad de la educación está altamente influenciada por los rankings, es decir, por los posicionamientos que ciertas empresas o entidades publican de las universidades en razón a diferentes ...

      Coll, Alex Rodrigo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Public employment, as a scarce social resource, has been turned into a political fort or the possibility of materializing the whimsical individual interest of the servant representing the employer state through effigies ...
    • Publique o perezca ¿o perezca publicando? 

      Villalba Cuéllar, Juan Carlos; González Serrano, Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Publique o perezca es el sugestivo nombre de un programa que se utiliza para medir la visibilidad de las publicaciones de autores y publicaciones con respecto al número de citaciones, conocido hoy como índice H. Para ...
    • The scope of the justice administration principles facing judicial relieving in Colombia 

      Herrán Pinzón, Omar Antonio (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In Colombia, the State guarantees the right to have access to justice for everyone whenever they want and consider it appropriate, because this service is free, autonomous and efficient as established by Law 270 of 1996 ...
    • Consumer defense and insurance laws. A constant tension in Argentinean law 

      Álvarez Larrondo, Federico M (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The Consumption Law (or Consumer Law, depending on the posture adopted), since the enactment of Law 24,240 in 1993, and more exactly, with the express incorporation of article 42 in the 1994 amended Constitution, which ...
    • Political violence in Colombia: transitional justice in the context of the peace process between the Santos´s Government and the FARC-EP 

      Arboleda Ramírez, Paulo Bernardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In October 2012, negotiations began between the government  of President Juan Manuel Santos and the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc-ep onwards),  in the city of La Havana, Cuba, to find ...
    • Elements of International crime prosecution and the current state of admissibility before the international criminal court in the case of Colombia 

      Sandoval Mesa, Jaime Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This document analyzes in first place, the different budgets that support the prosecution of international crimes, both in the field of international conducts and from the perspective of international jurisdiction built ...