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    • The Brazil’s responsibility for against Human’s Crime: judgments analyze “Gomes Lund” and others 

      Macedo de Pinto Ferreira Júnior, José Carlos (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This research aims to analyze the trial of the case known as “Araguaia Guerrilla” and the responsibility of the Brazilian state. Internationally Brazil was convicted of gross violations of human rights by requiring compliance ...
    • The concept of victim within international criminal courts 

      Vargas Díaz, Daniel Ricardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The main objective of this study is to analyze the similarities and differences that arise inside international criminal courts regarding the concept of victim, as opposed to the provisions established by the International ...
    • Abusive clauses and their regulation in the light of law 1480 of 2011: compatibility or dichotomy? 

      Pérez Forero, Andrea Carolina (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The main objective of this work is to assess the incompatibility or affinity, from a normative analysis, of regulating criteria concerning abusive clauses and their insertion in an adhesion contract, whose origin is from ...
    • Clauses self - executing conventions of the International Labour Organization, in labor law collective (Conventions 87 and 98) 

      Ostau de Lafont de León, Francisco Rafael; Niño Chavarro, Leidy Ángela (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This research report analyzes the domestic applicability of ILO Conventions regarding the con­dition that its terms must be clear and precise so that the judicial can give direct applicability in solving conflicts. The ...
    • Legal protection of certificates of origin and brands facing the FTAS signed by Colombia 

      Ceballos Molano, Raquel; García Velasco, Isabel Cristina (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article is placed in the context of intellectual property law, being its subject of study the Certificates of Origin compared with brands, to inquire how they are recognized in the Colombian legal system, and the ...
    • Cooperative regulation act: inappropriate use of privileges granted by law solidarity organizations 

      Mosquera Barraza, Angelita Linda (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The cooperatives are legal entities which may make contracts, appear in trial and act on everything that is in accordance whit its social and economic nature. These acts are from trade on the form, but not in the essence, ...
    • Land restitution in Colombia expectations and challenges 

      Martínez Sanabria, Claudia Margarita; Pérez Forero, Andrea Carolina (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      On this paper tries is to do a study of the obligation at the expense of the Colombian State to return the lands that there have been snatched to displaced victims of the armed conflict, as part of the obligation of integral ...
    • The failure of the service: a tradicional attribution of responsability of state 

      Güechá Medina, Ciro Nolberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Responsibility of States for failure, is the title of most relevant complaint within the Colombian legal system, in that improper conduct by management generating losses, have become usual in the criteria of administrative ...
    • The development of internacional competition: first contributions since Nuremberg and Tokyo 

      Sandoval Mesa, Jaime Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article analize the experiences for the construction of international criminal justice which they built and added the main factors of competition serve basis today for the reality depicted in the International Criminal ...
    • Medicine and law the control of life and death of an individual throught the law 

      Guerra García, Yolanda M. (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article develops the idea of how Law in general is everywhere one looks at. It makes a part of every single aspect of life, death, and everything in between: Everything is somehow juridicized even before we are born: ...
    • The mediaton as a mechanism of restorative justice 

      Márquez Cárdenas, Alvaro E. (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The mediación is an alternative mechanism in the penal process by means of the third neutral, treating to allow the exchange of opinions between victim and the imputed or accused so that confront his points of view and ...
    • Pros and cons of the humanitarian intervention in the XXI century 

      Odimba, Jean Cadet (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The economic globalization, the association of the States and the society of the information, the development of the means of transport, the human mobility and the natural disasters or of human origin, constitute factors ...
    • Interpretation and integration normative 

      Salazar Londoño, Eleonora del Pilar (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The aim of this paper is to reflect on the phenomenon of interpretation in the rule of law.For this reason, to construct a dialogue with various theoretical horizons are among the legal theorists of natural law and legal ...
    • Fiscal responsability in Colombia 

      Correa Gómez, Eugenia; Pinzón Maldonado, Héctor (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article attempts to briefly review the managements systems and applicable fiscal control in Colombia, the procedures devised by the legislature to compensate the damages caused to the public purse, and of the current ...
    • New jurisprudential tendency in colombia regarding the responsibility of the state in acts of terrorism 

      Margaux Guerra, Yolanda (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The jurisprudence in Colombia has started to acknowledge the responsibility of the state due to the terrorism acts, previous the fulfilment of certain requirements. There is a general principle of law that expresses "every ...
    • Theatricality and Right: pedagogical views in the procedural praxis 

      Oliveros Aya, César (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      From the great importance that has acquired the orality in the penal Colombian process and their increasing incorporation with other law areas, it is undeniable the need to explore aspects that allow to interpret it as an ...
    • Memory and resilience 

      Latorre Iglesias, Edimer Leonardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The victims of the violence in the Magdalena Department have been silenced by the systematic neglect of the government, of the society in general and of the mass media, which on having established their priorities, do not ...
    • Universal Jurisdiction and Legality of the Rome statute in front of the Internal Law 

      Sandoval Mesa, Jaime Alberto (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article analyses the fundamental rules developed in the international law, specifically in the Rome Statute from 1998 for the International Criminal Court and the relevant meaning that the rules have, such as the ...
    • Breach of trust and aggravated theft by trust in the corporate criminal liability in Colombia 

      Abello Gual, Jorge Arturo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In this paper, it is analyze the responsibility of manager and the worker in the companies, when they commits a fraud on administration of resource. Furthermore, the doctrine and the jurisprudence have determinate the ...
    • The appreciate of the scientific test of dna in the penal process 

      Vargas Ávila, Rodrigo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article shows how the scientific advances have an impact in the areas of process, particularly in relation to factual statements that need to be demonstrated. In this sense, this paper develops and incorporates the ...