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    • 1996 Guatemala's peace agreement and their implications for a commercial balance 1996-2006 

      Gomez Ramírez, Sory Vanessa (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      In 1996, the Guatemalan Government and the guerrilla group Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unit "URNG", signed the so-called Firm and Lasting Peace Agreement, ending 36 years of armed conflict in the country. The Peace ...
    • 200 years of independence from Latin America and its geopolitical evolution. A view from South America 

      Cadena Montenegro, José Luis (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      It can be said of America as world political actor, that it all began in the routes of independence fought by its member countries already two hundred years ago, assertion sustained in the displacement of the European ...
    • 3D tools for modeling virtual scenarios based on logo: State of the art 

      Santamaría Granados, Luz; Mendoza Moreno, Juan Francisco (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article reviews the tried pedagogical focus of LOGO (Papert, 2003), which alsooffers interesting motivational strategies for children in areas, such as a spatial skills development from their own exploration of virtual ...
    • 62 Years of Indonesia – Mexico Diplomatic Relations: Some Reflections and Ways Forward 

      Sjahril, Sulthon Sabaruddin (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The paper attempts to discuss the Indonesia-Mexico diplomatic relations over the last 62 years (1953-2015). The paper shows that during the Soekarno administration, Indonesia and Mexico enjoyed the peak momentum of the ...
    • A Backstepping control for Scara robot based on parametric uncertainty 

      Mosquera Leyton, Víctor Hugo; Vivas Albán, Óscar Andrés (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      One of the typical problems of model-based control strategies is impact on control system performance due to non-modeled dynamics, parametric uncertainty and dynamic coupling. This paper offers a control strategy under a ...
    • A bayesian networks structure learning: A scoring and search based approach 

      Cardozo Ojeda, Erwing Fabián; Arguello Fuentes, Henry (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      One of the most recent knowledge representations under uncertainty are Bayesian Networks whose main captivation is the property to obtain such a representation from a large amount of data. The issue is that getting a network ...
    • A bioethical reflection on maleficence and the banality of evil 

      Kottow, Miguel (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Bioethics emphasizes the primary importance of non-maleficence, be it as a principle or as the essential background of common morality. And yet, bioethics has not developed a deeper understanding about evil. The present ...
    • A Bioethics view zootherapy 

      Fischer, Marta Luciane; Amorim Zanatta, Amanda; Rezende Adami, Eliana (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Animals can assist in several human activities including therapies that result in acknowledged benefits, however there are some ethical issues. Thus, we intended to contextualize social and ethically the use of animals as ...
    • A calculation of cutoff frequency to step-index optical fibers using Matlab 

      Bastidas Mora, Henry Arturo; Barahona Varela, Fabián (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The math analysis of propagation modes and other relevant operating parameters to waveguides and optical fibers can be found by solving the four equations of Maxwell, and also meeting effectively boundary conditions analyzed ...
    • A Colombian Conflict – Development versus Environment 

      Uribe Vargas, Carlos Arturo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper deals with perpetrators harming our planet particularly in Colombia through activities that impact on the environmental stability. These actions are from a voracious quest for wealth under the alleged improvement ...
    • A comparative analysis of cement pastes adding a fluid catalytic cracking residue(FCC) and metakaolin (MK). 

      Torres Agredo, Janneth; Izquierdo García, Silvia; Trochez Serna, Jenny; Mejía de Gutiérrez, Ruby (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper is part of a research project where the performance as addition to the Portland cement of a residue from an oil company is assessed in order to establish viability of building materials. This waste –called Fluid ...
    • A comprehensive training system at UMNG. Our experience in classroom and virtual programs 

      Guerra Garcia, Yolanda; Berdugo Silva, Norma (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Faculty of Education and Humanities at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada (UMNG), through Liderazgo, its research group, was given the task of proposing an exploration (Hum 1520) whose main object is studying the ...
    • A contribution to the understanding of emerging strategies in organizations through the concept of improvisation and the musical metaphor 

      Sanabria, Mauricio; Moreno, Didier (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This work is part of one of the great fields of organization studies: strategic management. The classical perspective in this field promoted the idea that projecting the organization to the future involves designing a plan ...
    • A cost accumulation system for the refrigeration agribusiness sector companies 

      Rojas Ruiz, Eli Saúl; Molina de Paredes, Olga Rosa; Chacón Parra, Galia Beatriz (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
       The empirical costs formulation can provide answers to the urgencies of information on costs and serves as circumstantial support to management decisions, however, this does not mean that you have the appropriate means ...
    • A critical look at the corporate social responsibility predominant theories 

      Quinche Martín, Fabián Leonardo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article intends to make an strategic vision evaluation (social responsibility actions must be carried out as long as they add financial value to the company), the stakeholder theory (the management of the company must ...
    • A Data Fusion System for Simulation of Critical Scenarios and Decision-Making 

      Florez Zuluaga, Jimmy Anderson; Patiño Carrasco, Esteban; Ortega Pabon, Jose David; Gallego Leon, Kelly; Quintero Montoya, O. Lucia (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      The decision-making (DM) process in critical environments is a complex process that can be simulated due to current telematic capabilities, which allow the real time interaction of large amounts of data. This document ...
    • A disciplina de bioética na Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade de São Paulo 

      de Vecchio Puplaksis, Nelita; Pereira da Silva, Mônica Magalhães; Nobile, Renata; de Paula Ramos, Dalton Luis (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      La enseñanza de la bioética promueve el desarrollo de principios que orientan el crecimiento tecnológico, la investigación científica, la resolución de conflictos morales y colabora para la transformación de la sociedad, ...
    • A dressmaking factory production process analysis: Modeling and simulation 

      Sánchez, Paola A.; Ceballos, Fernando; Sánchez Torres, Germán (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      Modeling and simulation of small industrial systems, has become important in the decision-making processes, because it allows small companies to make their production decisions. This article analyses a company engaged in ...
    • A financial approach to the apparel international trading companies´ export potential through a stochastic dupont 

      Restrepo Morales, Jorge Aníbal; Vanegas López, Juan Gabriel; Portocarrero Sierra, Lorenzo; Camacho Vargas, Aquileo (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This paper quantifies the impact of efficiency, profit margin and financial leverage on the export performance of apparel international trading companies, using a stochastic Dupont analysis. Primarily a Monte Carlo simulation ...
    • A general theory to structure accounting science necessary and possible? 

      Ortiz Bojacá, José Joaquín (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
      This article outline a set of arguments focused on accounting science, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and compexity; as key elements in the structure of general accounting. However accounting science has not ...