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Title: Roles del sector Defensa Nacional en el posconflicto combiano
Title in english: National Defense Role for the Colombian Post-Conflict
Author: Herran Robles, Carlos Alberto
Date: 20-Oct-2015
Site: Calle 100
Abstract: Con base en los dialogos de paz que se adelantan en la Habana entre el gobierno Colombiano y las FARC, y en caso que se firme un acuerdo de paz, cuales serian los roles que se prsetan para las fuerzas armadas en el posconfilcto.
Abstract: Based on the peace dialogues, carried out in Habana city between Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla, is necessary to evaluate the roles and challenges assumed for Colombian military forces during the post conflict, given the scenario of case a peace agreement and the ending process of the conflict.
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