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Título : Reflexiones desde la academia sobre las relaciones cívico-militares
Autor(es): Mateus Pérez, Julian Ramiro
Fecha: 2006
Sede: Bogota
Abstract: "The Civic-military Relations, they have been framed by the conceptions of the National Security, to the interior of the States and their axis influence. This element has been changing in connection with the different historical changes -the cold war, the bipolar world, the unipolar world-. The specialists of these matters, have offered for the identification of National Security perspectives and the influence on the part of the powers -if we take into account the situation of Latin America, and the structuring of the concept of the ""enomon enemy or internal enemy"", to identify the proliferation of the ""antieommunism"" in the hemisphere, that which takes us until the present time and the front fight against the terrorism and their multiple tones eharacteristie. In agreement with the above-mentioned, the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, is actually the head of the investigation in the Seeurity and the Strategie Studies, that has allowed it to be loeated and to be configured as the main investigation enter and study on these topies"
Palabra(s) clave(s) LEMB: SOCIOLOGIA MILITAR
Aparece en las colecciones: Revista de Relaciones Internacionales, Estrategia y Seguridad

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